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Review: What does Vida Cora’s Quick Six do?

vida-cora-quick-six-reviewA natural fat burner brought to us by Vida Cora, the aptly named Quick Six is a product claimed to:

  • Promote Rapid Weight Loss
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Block Fat Production

But does it work?

We’ve taken a close, careful look at this product and the ingredients that go into it. After analyzing the servings, nutrients and science that make up Quick Six, we finally know the truth.

This is what we found:

Are the servings good?

There’s definitely room for improvement.


With 2 – 3 servings a day, there’s only a little bit of tweaking Vida Cora needs to do to Quick Six’s serving frequency.

For the best results you need a fat burner that has formulated to be served 3 – 4 times a day. This ensures that your body is being regularly supplied with all the nutrients it needs that allows it to keep burning calories and lowering fat.

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And the ingredients in Vida Cora’s Quick Six?

They’re not the best.


As this product is just one big proprietary blend, we don’t know how much of each ingredient is being used, or by extension how effective it will be. This is a serious problem if you want the best.

To top it all off the ingredient profile is limited with only two good nutrients used: Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean, the rest are rather ineffective.

Take a look:vida-cora-quick-six-ingredients

What’s Good?

  • Green Coffee Bean – Full of chlorogenic acid, this bean reduces glucose in the liver and makes your body use fat as an alternative energy resource
  • Green Tea – A potent thermogenic that after being absorbed in your body, uses catechins to promote norepinephrine, the fat burning hormone

What’s Not?

  • Raspberry Ketone Extract – Once thought to be an effective fat loss nutrient, studies have shown that RK only has a positive effect on rats, it has never scaled up to humans
  • Garcinia Cambogia – Likewise with the GC, but with appetite suppression, it has never been seen to curb hunger in clinical studies
  • African Mango – Another failed fat loss nutrient, although it does contains some antioxidants that may be useful
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Limited evidence for this nutrient promoting fat loss


Our View

With only Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean to support thermogenic fat loss, there is a lot to be desired with this fat burner.

It contains a lot of ineffective ingredients that won’t help you towards your long term goals. Another problem to note is that it’s all one proprietary blend, which stops us from knowing how much of each ingredient is being used, and by extension, how effective it will be.

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Is it Safe, are there Side Effects?

Vida Cora Quick Six contains no ingredients that are linked to causing side effects.

The Pros and Cons

  • Contains Green Tea and Green Coffee

  • Proprietary Blend
  • A lot of ineffective ingredients

Is there anything better out there?

There are plenty better out there.

To see the best fat burners on the market that promote:

  • Calorie Burning
  • Energy Boosting
  • Appetite Suppression

We’ve found the perfect three to choose from, although some are better than others.

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Vida Cora Quick Six Review Conclusion

Overall, this is one of the poorer fat burners on the market and there are several reasons why.

If you are thinking about using Vida Cora’s Quick Six, this is what you need to know:

  • Proprietary Blend – We don’t know how much of each ingredient is being used in this product, and therefore we don’t know how effective it will be overall
  • A lot of ineffective ingredients – The blend contains a lot of fat burning nutrients that simply just don’t work when tested in clinical studies

As you can see, it needs some work, and not one that we would recommend at present.

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